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Discover an Unmatched

Art School Experience

We're pretty darn good at what we do :)

You'll feel a difference when you walk in the door.

Our one-of-a-kind art classes are designed to kickstart your creative momentum.

Our students have said they learned more at the Studio than they did with an art degree.

Our teens call each other their "homies."

Ideal candidates have a sense of creative adventure.

You won't get these experiences anywhere else.

People moving towards a career in an art field

Casual hobbyists

Passionate & committed artists of all skill levels

Typically no

None — stop any time



$240 per month

Generally affordable

Register every semester

Quick application & short, low-key interview

Constant registering for short-term classes


Ongoing year-round

Typically 4-12 weeks

Rarely if any

Real-world opportunities to increase confidence


Artists with an art degree

Talented artists trained in the Accomplished Artist Method of learning

Mixture of skill levels & teaching ability

Impersonal & formal since work is grade-based

Collaborative & friendly with a focus on creative opportunity

Indifferent since it's created for the masses

Class based, changes with the professor

Specially designed, flexible, grow-with-the-artist curriculum

Often project based with minimal progressive structure

Varies by professor

One-on-one mentoring


Overly rigid & structured classrooms

Professional art studio where students are the focus

Craft stores, homes, multi-use buildings

Usually skilled artists

Beginner - advanced

Mostly beginners

Skill Levels

Learning Environment





Out-of-Class Experiences

Length of Class

Enrollment Process



Designed For Who?


Art Class


Art Class

Our Academy Classes

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