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About Us

After opening the doors to our newly remodeled studio in 2015, we discovered the lack of high quality instruction in the art education space. We knew there was a need for something to help individuals really progress as an artist, not just a place to enjoy a one time paint night.  With that inspiration, Accomplished Artist was born!

We have taught hundreds of students over the years in our regular classes and in our highly acclaimed Academy Program, and haven't looked back since!  We want every student who walks through our doors to feel like they belong and know we are cheering for their success on their journey to becoming an accomplished artist!

About Me


I've always loved to do anything creative! I spent many years working primarily with graphite and colored pencils and then began to add watercolors and oil painting.  Mostly self- taught, however I eventually went back to school, and received my degree in Fine Art.


I enjoy taking workshops and classes any chance I get.  I just itch to learn more, and thoroughly enjoy the amazing people I've gotten to know along the way! 

You can usually find me puttering around in my studio painting or teaching, hanging out with my family & friends or traveling.


I've been teaching for well over 20 years and I love seeing students feel empowered and excited about learning art. 


Susie Bytheway

Meet The Team

Chris Maggio


Chris is a classically trained artist with over 40 years of professional Art and Design in a variety of mediums and fields. He specializes in sketching, drawing, airbrush, acrylics, and various mixed mediums, and can’t stand anything digital.


His BFA is in Medical Illustration (illustrating the human body inside and out), but his professional artistic interests also include architectural design, engineering, drafting, product design, aviation art, biological/nature art, and much more.


Chris began teaching art classes, studio, private, and college level, back in the late 1900s and “feels genuine pride” watching students develop and succeed using his creative and unique teaching techniques. Chris is a Navy vet, scuba diver, surfer, kayaker, and sailor, so much of his artistic interest includes aquatic life and beach style. 

Sarah Hale


Sarah Hale holds a BFA in Illustration from Utah Valley University. She has been drawing and creating things since she was old enough to pick up a crayon, illustrating her own picture books before learning how to read.

Since then, she has expanded her artistic horizons to other mediums besides crayons, with a particular drive towards charcoal as a favorite medium. A fan of wildlife, Sarah has always enjoyed drawing animals. She likes to tell stories with her artwork, and in addition to fine art, Sarah enjoys creating illustrations using pencils, pen, Copic markers, and digital software. When she’s not teaching or working on personal art projects, Sarah draws portraits and pet portraits on commission.


Sarah has been working with elementary-aged kids since high school and has loved watching the excitement in kids’ eyes as they discover a love for art. Since graduating from the UVU BFA program in spring 2022, she has been looking forward to the opportunity to teach at the very same studio where she first learned fine art skills, and is excited to pass on her knowledge to the next generation

Leland Bytheway


Leland grew up in an entrepreneurial family and enjoys the freedom, independence and challenge of starting and running businesses.

He was the instigator of the studio and his passion and drive helped it grow.

Leland is also the CMO of McCleery Company which is a real estate development company. 

His passions include hiking, being a self-help guru, playing pickle ball, enjoying summer evenings, and ranch dressing.

Heather Quinton


Color! The best birthday present I ever got was the giant box of sixty-four Crayola crayons - the one with the built-in sharpener. The colors! Carnation pink, periwinkle, thistle, Indian red, salmon, goldenrod, spring green. I filled up piles and piles of coloring books. 


When I got into high school and college I branched out into calligraphy, painting, graphic design, and art history. 

My younger daughter got me started on watercolors several years ago, and I fell in love with this medium because of the way the colors blended into each other.


Three years ago, I found Susie at Accomplished Artist Studio, and she has taught me more about art, especially watercolor, than I ever learned in college. I’ve also discovered the fantastic possibilities of colored pencils through Susie. 

Now I’m part of the team, helping with administrative tasks and still taking classes! 

Natalie Crossley


Natalie Crossley was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She completed her BFA at Brigham Young University—Idaho with an emphasis in oil painting.  For 7 years Natalie had the wonderful opportunity to work and manage a team of artists on temple murals for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her art has been featured in many galleries and art shows. She has furthered her art education by studying with and under many renowned artists. She is currently helping individuals preserve cherished family history stories through custom artwork. Instagram @crossleyfine_art.

Natalies main focus in painting is in landscape but her ability doesn't stop there! She has been commissioned many times to paint figurative stories and portraits. Natalie shares, “ I have always had a passion for art. I have learned that even the most "dullest things' ' (example a stick or a rock) can become beautiful with the right kind of lighting. I find joy in striving to capture with pigment/ paint what The Creator describes through light and form. I paint to give voice to the truth I see."  The reason for her passion in painting can be summed up by what a friend once shared with her "it's not just about the painting. It's about the people.” It is Natalies hope that with her art people will find personal meaning, peace and be reminded of the truth that they are loved.

Bethanne Dinerstein


Bethanne grew up among the cows and between the mountains of Cache Valley Utah. She has loved all forms of art from a very early age, and creativity has been a continual hobby and stress relief during her life.

She earned a degree in Interior Design from Utah State University, and for a while pursued a carrier in fashion window treatments. But she soon realized that her best skills were in the fine arts, in particular, watercolors.

Bethanne has been teaching watercolor classes, and giving private lessons for several years and loves the relationships she gains with her students.

Along with splashing vibrant colored water on paper, Bethanne also enjoys baking, gardening, and dragging her children up the mountains to hike through forests of pine and aspen.

Gil Bytheway


Gil was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah and earned a degree in Horticulture. He spent many years working with nursery and other  companies setting up their landscape designs.  He became a real estate appraiser and owned his own business for over 15 years.  When the recession hit, he took the leap and went back to school and became a registered nurse.  He now works part-time for IHC.

One of Gil's biggest accomplishments is his ability to keep up with Susie and support her.  He is constantly building, remodeling, fixing and making things!

His favorite hobbies are hiking and photography.  He loves plants and enjoys spending time taking macro pics of all the varieties of wild plants he sees in the mountains. 

Gil has taken several classes in art including drawing, colored pencil, sculpting and oil painting and is very talented.

Jane Winters


Jane has taken a love to art ever since she was very little. It has been a unique way for her to express her creativity and emotions through creating art. She has taken many art classes covering a variety of mediums. These include ceramics, oil paints, acrylic paints, and dry mediums. Her favorite medium to work with is oil paints, as she loves the look and feel of it. 

Jane loves to work with kids and help them progress through their own artistic journeys. She loves to see when a student finishes a project and is very happy and proud of what they have created. Jane really enjoys helping students reach their goals and enjoy creating art!

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