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Turning Regular People Into Exceptional Artists

Accomplished Artist Studio features high-quality, personalized art education. The Studio and curriculum were designed by artist and mentor, Susie Bytheway, who wanted to create an art school environment that focused on each individual artist just as much as the art.

Meet Susie Bytheway

Creator of Accomplished Artist Studio & the Accomplished Artist Method

Susie is a firm believer that every person has creative potential. As a mentor, she LOVES helping individuals embrace their creativity to bring joy into their lives.

Her creative portfolio consists of pieces primarily done in graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and oil paint. Although self-taught for many years, she eventually went back to school and received a degree in Fine Art.

You can find Susie puttering around her personal studio, going on bike rides with her husband or rearranging the contents of her kitchen cabinets yet again.

Why We're an Application-Based Art School

Art takes heart. It takes passion, vulnerability, self-expression and continuous optimism to enjoy the ups and downs of the creative process.


For individuals that are truly passionate about art, it's not enough to just learn techniques and strokes. These individuals need more than a poorly structured neighborhood art class.


In order to thrive, artists need to surround themselves with like-minded individuals that are just as passionate as themselves. Our students often express that the Studio is their family, the highlight of their week and the jumping point to reaching bigger goals.

This is why our art school is different. Keeping this beautiful blend of art education balanced with the overall well-being of the artist takes careful consideration to create a student dynamic that is perfect for optimal learning in each and every Academy class.

Although we are application-based, we don't judge candidates solely on their current artistic skill set because skills take time and experience to master. We invite prospective students to our unique Launch Program to observe a candidate's passion, teachability, creative commitment, goals and potential to collaborate positively with the current class.

We're a human-centered art school which is why we want to make sure we're the best possible match for each other.

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