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Academy Tuition is $240 per month

As a high quality art school, we think you deserve the best. But we don't want the price of tuition to stop you from achieving your goals. Apply for a scholarship for the chance to be awarded half tuition for 12 months.

Tuition Details

Tuition is based on the average of 4 classes per month which brings the class total to 48 over a 12 month span. Due to holidays, some months may have 3 or 5 classes scheduled. Below you will see a breakdown of the classes paid by a specific month's tuition.

Tuition is charged automatically on the 25th of each month. You can personally update credit card information as needed via the Student Portal in the footer below.

There is an enrollment fee of $40 that is charged automatically (1) when a new student enrolls and (2) every September thereafter. The enrollment fee covers the cost of a studio t-shirt each September as well as class expenses and special studio events like open houses, art shows and contests.

Please note that you can cancel enrollment at any time but tuition will not be refunded if you have already paid for the following month. Please let us know if you will be dropping a class by contacting us before the 20th of the month to stop automatic payments.

Tuition Cycles 2023- 2024

Below is a list of tuition cycles and what classes each month's automatic charge covers.

Studio Holidays & Breaks

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