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  • We're a human-centered art school which means we want to make sure we're the best possible match for each other. An application-based program allows US to make YOUR experience our top priority.


    We start with a Get Acquainted Interview and observe a candidate's passion, teachability, creative commitment, goals and potential to collaborate positively with current classes. Read more on our About Us page.

  • The Launch Program is an invitation-only 4 week period where you attend your chosen Academy class. These four weeks allow us to get to know you to see if we feel like we'd be a good permanent fit for each other.

    About one week after your Get Acquainted Interview you'll receive an email letting you know if you've been invited to join the Launch Program. Around the fourth week of Launch, you'll receive a second email letting you know if you have been officially accepted into an Academy class.

    Our team will share more details about the Launch Program during your Get Acquainted Interview.

  • Each Academy class is 2.5 hours long, once per week, and held in-person at the Studio. Academy classes are held continuously throughout the year, including during the summer.

  • Each Academy class has 9-12 students to maximize one-on-one mentoring and artistic collaboration.

  • Keeping our website's information evergreen allows us to work more fluidly as a Studio to provide the Academies that are most wanted by our artists. It also allows us to open new day and time slots quickly as demand changes. It's a win-win for both us and you.


    During your Get Acquainted Interview, you'll chat with our team about details such as day and time. If there is not a current opening in the Academy class of your choice, you'll be added to our waitlist so that you are contacted first when a spot becomes available.

  • No. Each medium may have several Academy classes. For example, the Oil Painting Academy may have classes on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening. ​


    When prospective students are invited to enroll, our team helps them select which specific Academy class they will attend. 

  • We've found the sweet spot in art education. We've designed a creative experience that features high-quality art education, real-world artistic experiences, one-on-one mentoring, and a studio vibe that can't be beat — and it's all only for ages 14 and above.


    We are not a neighborhood craft corner for sort-of-interested individuals. We do not offer date nights, parties, short-term classes, arts & crafts or kids camps. 

    Our students sum it up: they travel from up to an hour away to be a part of our amazing school.​​

  • We use the Accomplished Artist Method to teach our students. It is a uniquely designed, rotating curriculum that blends structure with flexibility, creative collaboration with individual milestones and real-world experiences with one-on-one mentoring. 


    This innovative — and absolutely genius — art education curriculum was designed by artist Susie Bytheway who has over 25 years of art mentorship expertise. 

    All of our talented teachers are also trained in the Accomplished Artist Method of teaching.

  • Nope! As the artist you are in charge of how long you'd like to stay with us at the Studio. Most students remain with us for several years since they benefit from a specially designed curriculum that grows with the artist.

  • No. Students bring their own art supplies to each and every class. Check out our Supply Lists to see what you need to bring and conveniently order supplies online.


    You can help fund another artist by buying your supplies with the Amazon links provided in the Supply Lists. All commission earned via Amazon is re-gifted as scholarships.

  • Yes. There is an enrollment fee of $40 per student that will be charged automatically (1) at the time a new student enrolls and (2) every September thereafter. 

    The enrollment fee allows us to provide awesome student experiences by covering the costs of Studio sponsored events like open houses, art shows and admission fees for community-based contests. The fee also means all students get a brand new Studio t-shirt each September (or when newly enrolled.)

  • Studio tuition is $280 per month. It is paid through an automatic withdrawal on the 25th of every month. This automatic process is set up at the time of enrollment.

    You can access the payment portal via the Student Dashboard on our website to personally update credit card or other information as needed.

  • Dropping enrollment from the Studio is easy. Simply click on the Drop Form  button in the Student Dashboard on our website. You'll fill out a short form letting us know the date of your last day of class.

    Please note: we do not refund tuition that has already been paid. To receive the full benefit of attending all classes you have paid for already, we suggest choosing a drop date based on the Tuition Schedule on the Student Dashboard.


    If you choose a drop date that falls under a future monthly tuition payment, we will happily prorate your last tuition payment to reflect the number of days you attend class in that specific billing cycle.

  • Yes! We award three half-tuition scholarships each year. Explore all the details on our Scholarship page.

  • Since our teachers are here ready to teach every class time, tuition is not reimbursed for missed classes.

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