These are my suggestions for supplies.  If you already have supplies, please do not feel like you have to buy different ones.  


PAINTS: I prefer Daniel Smith, but Winsor Newton or  M. Graham are also good.

I've divided the items up in three categories- 

Essential supplies- these are a must • Secondary supplies- good to add to your supplies when able • Optional- fun to have but not absolutely necessary.

 ESSENTIAL PALETTE COLORS- Colors you will use a lot.  

BLUES- Dark, medium and light value

• Indigo (dark)

• French Ultramarine Blue (medium)

• Cerulaean Blue (light)

REDS- Dark, medium and light value

• Deep Scarlet (dark)

• Alizarin Crimson  (medium)

• Pyrrol Scarlet (light)


YELLOWS- Dark, medium and light value

• Yellow Ochre (dark)

• Cad Yellow (medium)

• Naples Yellow- (light)


• Sap Green- amazing natural green

• Burnt Umber- great general brown color

• Van Dyke Brown- awesome dark brown

• New Gamboge- nice yellow orange

• Quinacridone Purple- a handy medium purple


 SECONDARY PALETTE COLORS- Great colors to add to your palette when able- listed in order of preference 

 • Cobalt Teal Blue- a beautiful teal blue color-- great for skies and water.

 • Lemon Yellow- (medium) Another great medium yellow!

 • Cobalt Blue- (medium blue) I like having both Ultramarine and Cobalt blue

 • Raw Sienna- light brown - handy for a natural brown

 • Hooker’s Green- this green leans more towards the blues

 • Neutral Tint- a handy way to darken a color

 OPTIONAL COLORS- Fun colors to have but no absolutely necessary, more of a convenience color.

• Phthalo Yellow Green- I love this color!  Great for mixing and brightening a color.

• Rose of Ultramarine- a great color for underpainting and shadows.

• Quinacridone Coral- bright pinkish coral color- one of my favorites!

• Quinacridone Gold- great gold color- perfect for mixing too!

• Prussian Blue- this is more of a muted blue- a great convenience color.

• Wisteria- a great lavender!

• Buff Titanium- great neutral color.  It is more opaque than transparent.

• Antwerp Blue- this is a Winsor Newton brand (I use it rarely for special projects)



BRUSHES: A variety of flat, round, and filbert brushes. Lowe Cornell is by far my favorite, but they are hard to find. 

(Polar Flo kit of 8 brushes is a good set to start out with )

• Round brushes- #4, #8, #10 & #12 are most important  (other sizes also available

• Flat brushes- 2”, 1”, ½”, ¼” and a tiny detail flat brush if doing tight detailed work.

• Liner brush- a tiny detail flat brush if doing tight detailed work.


PALETTE: Have all the paints squeezed into compartments and dried when you come to class.

• Several options available, but make sure there are large color mixing compartments. I suggest one with a lid and all the paints are on one side.. 


TAPE- I prefer art tape, but masking tape works fine too!  Get neutral color- not blue or green.

• Masking tape- white or cream

TOWELS: I suggest you have a cloth towel-a baby cloth diapers works great!.

• White Shop Towels or Paper Towels work fine too but don’t last long.

• Paper towels- I find that I don't really use them much when I have a cloth diaper


WATERCOLOR PAPER-  I prefer to buy the full poster size sheets individually and cut them to size, but there are books and blocks also available.  Please use Arches Color Press-- it's so much easier and more forgiving and is worth the investment. 

• 140 lb. white Arches Cold Press -  you can buy individually at the store or in a case of 10 or more online.


BRUSH HOLDER- bring a container to hold your brushes upright while painting and make sure to put your brushes in a brushes tote to keep them from getting damaged in transit.

• A canvas holder that will fold up and stand on a surface or a plastic brush box to keep the bristle safe work great!


MOUNTING BOARD: A board that you can staple into and tape on is essential.

• 11 X 14 Gatorboard (I buy these in bulk and often have some available to purchase- let me know ahead of time if you need one). 

SPRAY BOTTLE: Just pick up an inexpensive one at the store.  

• smal squirt/spray bottle (for wetting your paints)


MASKING FLUID: Not absolutely necessary for all classes but handy to have!

ONYX BLACK INK PEN: For line and wash projects (where objects are drawn with ink after painting)

WHITE GOUACHE: An opaque white used for accents and some highlights


STAPLER & STAPLES: Make sure stapler can be opened up for stapling onto a board

WATER CONTAINER: (I have containers for you to use in class)  Make sure it’s a large container so you don’t have to change it often.