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Mixed Medium Art Class

The following items are the supplies you will need for this class:

FOR THIS UNIQUE CLASS, YOU WILL BE EXPLORING WITH A VARIETY OF TYPES OF SUPPLIES- Look around and see what you already have and if you're coming to the class with a friend, remember you can always share!  



I usually just hit Blick, Michael's, or Hobby lobby and get their store brand. All of these are available in packs or sets, and are constantly on sale. No reason to buy expensive toys when the midrange/cheap toys are just as fun! 


Graphite pencils in HB, 4B, and 6B  (one of each is fine to start) •and a white eraser  • and an Eraser Shield (usually in the drafting section of the art store)  


Blending Stumps (small pack has various sizes)

Cheap Sketch pad at least 12 x 18 inches  (or about that size) 

• Color pencils    There are firm and soft versions, either or both is fine, whichever you would like to try.

• Hand Held Pencil Sharpener (there are a million versions and some work great, some are terrible, but they are important) Color pencils are eaten alive by electric and grinder-type pencil sharpeners, so the little hand twist type preserves them and gives a better tip.


• Fine Line Markers (various colors, most any brand is fine) I prefer Stabilo, or Micron, because they are higher quality and keep a consistent tip. I would avoid kids' Crayola markers or any kind of dollar store-type as they will easily dry out and the tips get mushy. Art store brand are fine


• Watercolor pencils    any brand is fine   Small pack of a few colors is just great


• Watercolors in a pallet (yep, like you used in school but a little higher quality)  The more colors the better so look for the 24 colors or more. (tubes are usually pricey so no need for that)


• Small selection of watercolor brushes (art stores have packs of mixed sized watercolor brushes for around $15 or less) No need to get expensive brushes!


• Large Pad of smooth Bristol paper 18 x 24" is recommended. Maybe you want a small sketch journal as well (8 x 10 Bristol pad) for personal use, but for the class you will need the bigger paper. I recommend the Bristol as it accepts a small amount of water-medium without too much issue, and accepts all dry medium wonderfully. We will be doing a lot of our work in different mediums on this paper.


• A stack or ream of copier paper for exploring ideas and techniques before we hit the final art. Plain white Digital Color Copy paper is recommended (it's very smooth)


Keep in mind if you are taking this course with a friend, you can share a lot of these items such as color pencils, markers, pencil sharpener, pencils, brushes, etc, so consider this when purchasing supplies!


**I will provide any odd supplies or unusual tools to try and experiment with.

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