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Giving the gift of art is a great idea! Check out the supplies and other fun items listed below or give an Accomplished Artist Gift Card to help pay for class tuition.

Paint Tube opener

This tool is so handy for opening your tubes of paint without damaging them!

Art Bag

A large 15 X 18 backpack style art bag.

Painting Easel- tabletop model

This is not necessary for class but if you want to paint at home and don't have much space, this is a great easel.

Paint Brush Case

A hard case for carrying your brushes to keep them from getting damaged.

Continuous Spray Bottle

A fancy spray bottle for all watercolorists.

Oil Paint Brush Washer Container with Lid

A study no-spill container for your turpenoid oil brush cleaner.

Large Art Tote Bag

This is a great tote for teens and adults to carry a variety of art supplies. A little too large for younger kids.

Clip On Fan for Watercoloring

A rechargeable fan for blowing your artwork dry.

Large Pencil Organizer Bag

I use this case to hold my drawing pencils, charcoal pencils, verithin pencils, and a few markers! I love it!

Who's Who in Disney

A great book to use as a drawing reference.

Watercolor Tube Organizer (lipstick)

A great way to organize and store your watercolor tubes!

Colored Pencil Organizer Bag

An amazing way to organize all your colored pencils!

Scholar Colored Pencil Set of 60 ct

Student grade pencils, great for art journaling, coloring and more!

Small Pencil Pouch

A small pencil pouch to keep your supplies together.

18" T-square

Sometimes the 12" ruler is just not long enough!

Zippered Tote Bag

This is a small zippered tote. Great for carrying to class.

Nice Art Sketchbook

A great sketchbook for the artist who has everything!

Pour Your Art Out Shirt

A fun shirt for an artist!

Art is My Favorite Sport Shirt

An art shirt for someone who has everything!

Art is My Superpower Shirt

Celebrate your art by wearing this awesome shirt.

Palette Necklace

A cute painter's palette necklace.

Art Bracelet

A cute bracelet all female artists are sure to love!

Art Keychain

A fun artistic keychain!

Blank Comic Book

Create your own comic strip with this fun blank comic book.

Watercolor Pen Set

These brushes can be filled with water so you can watercolor without having a water container. Fun for watercolor sketching.

Empty Watercolor Palette

You'll need an empty watercolor palette to squeeze your paint tubes into. I really like this one because of the extra mixing areas!

Brush Set with Travel Case

A variety of basic brushes with a case.

Ebony Splendor Long Handle Filbert Brushes

An inexpensive set of filbert oil painting brushes.

Ebony Splendor Long Handle Round Brushes

An inexpensive set of oil painting brushes.

Original Gold Max Round Brushes

These are the best round brushes ever! They hold a tip and are very durable. You can buy on Amazon or They are often on sale which makes them reasonably priced.

Original Gold Variety Brush Set

These are the best brushes ever! This is a good variety set. You can buy on Amazon or They are often on sale which makes them reasonably priced.

Clip On Paintbrush Holder (drumstick)

A great holder for your paintbrushes, take it take class!

Painting Easel- floor model

This is not necessary for class, but if you want to paint at home and are looking for a great floor easel, this is it!

Paint Brush Roll Up Container

You'll need some type of holder to carry your paintbrushes in to keep them from getting damaged.

Aluminum Palette Knife

For mixing colors on your paette

Murphy's Oil Soap (brush cleaner)

The most amazing soap for cleaning off the oil paint from your hands and brushes.

Disposable Grey Palette Paper

This disposable mid-value palette paper makes clean up a breeze!

Painting Apron

If your painting, you'll need an apron or lab coat of some kind. This is a great apron.

Oil Painting Palette with Lid

This is a great holder for the disposable gray palette. You can take your wet paints home and plop them in the freezer to keep them good. Also works well to carry small wet paintings. You just need to clip the plastic pegs off.

Handheld Wooden Palette

I love this handheld palette! Please note if you are left handed, you'll need to order a right-handout palette.

Lab Coat

To protect all your clothing, use a lab coat instead of an apron!

Kneaded Eraser

This eraser can be molded to erase tiny areas, you can press and lift instead of rubbing and you can knead it to clean it!

Micro-size Retractable Erasers by Mono Zero

A set of tiny ended rectangular and round retractable erasers, great for tiny areas!

Prismacolor Graphite Pencil Set

My favorite standard graphite pencil set.

Mitsubishi Graphite Pencil Set (Uni Hi)

This is an amazing set of buttery soft drawing pencils with a wide range from 10H to 10B. An upgrade from the prismacolor brand.

Hake Brush

A great inexpensive brush for getting eraser and pencil crumbs off your paper without smearing!

Drawing Board

A flat smooth drawing panel. Helps you work on a tilted surface.

Blending Stumps

A great way to soften your strokes.

Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

An amazing personal pencil sharpener for graphite or colored pencils.

T-square Ruler

A great inexpensive T-square ruler for getting perfect horizontal and vertical lines.

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