Saturday, Dec 5th

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Accomplished Artist Studio

11049 So. 1700 E. • Sandy, Utah

Masks are required

Sally Rydalch

Sally enjoys working with a variety of mediums, but her favorite is relief prints!   She has a fun, unique style that draws you in and makes you want more.  

She will be selling watercolors, oil paintings , relief prints and intaglio prints at the show. 

Sally teaches a variety of art classes at Salt Lake Community College.

Patrick Spens

Patrick is an animator and does amazing digital artwork that has won him many awards ad contests!  He is a concept artist and a 3D animator.

He'll be selling prints of his digital artwork.

washington coast.jpg

Emily Spens


Emily is creative and it shows in everything she does.  She is amazing at home decor, graphic design, hand lettering and just about anything else she touches!

She recently designed a computer font and is always creating something new!

Emily will be selling a variety of home decor prints.

Samantha Newton

Sam's focus is to provide art that evokes emotion and reduces the gap often felt between ourselves and God.  

Sami loves oil paints, but also uses acrylic, watercolor and oil pastels.

Sami will have prints (including 'Tangible Light", "Tenderly Chosen", and others available at the show as well as some original work.

Sabina Morrey


Sabina has always loved being creative, and has recently focused her efforts of writing and oil painting.

She will be selling watercolors and oil paintings.

Susie Bytheway

Susie loves watercolors and oil painting most especially!  She likes playing with a variety of styles and techniques and enjoys teaching both kids and adult art classes.

She will be selling watercolors, oil paintings, charcoal and pencil artwork.