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You Were Born to Be Creative

That's why our art school uses an innovative curriculum designed to boost your creative possibility and confidence as an artist.

Achieve Your Creative Goals with the
Accomplished Artist Method


Get personalized, one-on-one mentoring.

Receive individualized attention adapted to help you improve your artistic skill set and creative mindset.


Surround yourself with passionate artists.

Experience the creative vibe that comes through team projects and mingling with other artists. 


Level up with a full art education in less time.

Learn the building blocks of art through class lessons that feature a specially-designed rotating curriculum.


Zero in on your creative interests & talents.

Discover your own interests and artistic style by working on personal projects guided by your mentor.


Follow a framework of success designed by an experienced artist.

Know exactly how to move forward and what next steps to take by completing our carefully crafted Milestones.

Achieve More in Less Time With a High-Quality Art School

Each Academy class is structured to maximize your time, effort and goals.

Warm Up Exercises

Practice the skill of turning on your right brain to get your creative juices flowing.


Understand the techniques and processes that will lead to extraordinary artwork.

Individual Projects

Go at your own pace with one-on-one mentoring to get you from start to finish.

We Go Above and Beyond

We're driven by the belief that the artist is just as important as the art. Experience art shows, contests and events to improve your creative confidence.


Maximize Your Effort by Focusing on Your Chosen Medium

Take your skills to the next level with intentional guidance that stays focused on a specific medium.

Oil Painting



Colored Pencil

The Academy is an Application-Only Art Program

Ideal candidates have a sense of creative adventure.

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Apply for
The Academy

Fill out a quick form telling us about yourself and your interests.

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Meet with Us
In Person

Come to the studio for a short,

in-person, low-key interview.

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Enroll After Receiving an Invitation

Join The Academy if we believe we're a good match for each other.

[I] just love Susie's method of teaching and curriculum.

E. S.

Parent of students

I love it when we receive individualized help on concepts we have not mastered.


Academy student

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