The goal of our studio is to share the love of art with others. 

We help students of all ages find their creative side and enrich their lives through art.


After years of teaching art to kids and adults, Susie Bytheway and her son Leland remodeled their barn and transformed it into a modern art studio. The studio was originally called Kendali Art Studios and officially opened in 2015.

We have taught a variety of classes and enjoyed workshops with guest artists over the years. We feel so grateful for the wonderful people that have walked through the door of our studio and have enriched their lives through art! 

We have recently made some big changes and are excited to announce that we are expanding our studio to include online courses.  


Our studio name has been changed to Accomplished Artist as part of this transformation.


We are so excited that our first online course  "Pro Drawing Secrets" is now available!

About Susie

I've always loved to do anything creative! I love to draw, oil paint and work with watercolors. 


Mostly self- taught, however I eventually went back to school, and received my degree in Fine Art.

I enjoy taking workshops and classes any chance I get.  I just itch to learn more, and thoroughly enjoy the amazing people I've gotten to know along the way! 

You can usually find me puttering around in my studio painting or teaching, hanging out with my family & friends or traveling.

You can find my artwork on my website.